Burnett County Trail Closure

ALL Burnett County Winter Snowmobile and ATV/UTV trails will close at 11:59 p.m. tonight, Monday, March 2, 2020.

After consulting with the Burnett County Snow Trails Association, all trails will be closed at 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 2. With warmer temperatures this past weekend and in the forecast, the decision to close trails is to protect the trail base from damage on county, state, and privately owned lands and agricultural fields. It is important that we respect the landowners who graciously allow us to use their property. 

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Burnett County: Deteriorating Trail Conditions

The MAJORITY of the Snowmobile and Winter ATV Trails are open but in poor condition. Trails are deteriorating quickly. Bare ground is starting to show in open areas. Please also watch for icy spots on the trails - read below for closed trails and important information.

The majority of the Snowmobile and Winter ATV Trails are open - HOWEVER, the portion of trail 119 south of trail 80 remains CLOSED.

PLEASE use caution when crossing swamps and lakes as some may not be frozen.

Some township ordinances allow for ATV/UTV use of the town roads and others do NOT allow it. It is the rider's responsibility to contact the township in which you plan to ride in and get the current rules pertaining to ATVs/UTVs and the town roads. Please contact the individual townships for their rules and regulations.

NO OFF TRAIL USE IS ALLOWED Please stay on the trails. Much of our trail system is on private land, and we appreciate the easements granted by our generous land owners. It only takes one person to have the entire trail system shut down.

Caution: Groomers and trail maintenance vehicles may be on the trails at any time.

All snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs must be registered or licensed to ride on our trails.

It is your responsibility to know where you are and whose property you are on. Please be careful, be respectful to other trail users, and ride safely.

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Oconto County DNR Certified ATV Safety Class

Town of Riverview:The Hidden Bear Trail ATV Club and the Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Club are sponsoring a Wisconsin DNR certified ATV Safety Course.The course will be held at the Town of Riverview Town Hall, 15471 Highway 32, Mountain, WI54149 (5 miles north of Mountain on Highway 32).The one (1) day class will meet on Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.Student Handbooks will be mailed out 2 weeks prior to the class.Registration will close by Wednesday, April 8, 2020.This will allow sufficient time to mail out the Student Handbooks.

This is a one (1) day class, so students are expected to read the Student Handbook and complete the Chapter Review questions in advance of the actual class.This format was used at a class last year, and works exceptionally well as the students come prepared.

Anyone is welcome to attend the course with a recommended minimum age of 11-1/2.Anyone born after January 1, 1988 and at least 12 years old must have ATV certification to operate on public areas.These students who have not reached the age of 12 may not use the certificate to operate alone until they turn at least 12 years of age.Parents and adults are encouraged to enroll and participate.Fees for the course are $10.00 per student.The fee is waived if you, your parents, or your grandparents are members of either Hidden Bear Trail or Red Arrow clubs.

Students successfully completing the course will receive ATV safety graduate certificates.This is classroom only, there is no actual ATV operation.

Students must register online and also obtain a DNR customer number at gowild.wi.gov or a customer number can also be obtained at DNR service outlets or by calling 888-936-7463.

Class size will be limited to 35 participants.It is recommendedto register in advance of the April 8, 2020 deadline as these classes are normally full.Students with special needs will need to contact the instructor at least two weeks to request special accommodations. For information, please contact Brian Fitzpatrick at (715) 340-6262 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To learn more about either club, please visit our websites at:

hiddenbeartrailatvclub.com or redarrowtownsend.comor visit us on Facebook 

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Sauk County expands ATV routes on county highways

 Article by Nicole Aimone of Wiscnews.com

 The Sauk County Board of Supervisors has voted to expand off-road recreational vehicle routes along county highways.

The ordinance the board passed 26-4-1 at its Feb. 19 meeting will expand the routes, which were approved in the spring of 2019, to add 28 more routes for all-terrain vehicles and utility-terrain vehicles to have access to highways.

The routes include parts of Highway 136 and Highway DL in Baraboo, parts of Highways K, H, V and S in Reedsburg, and Highways JJ and G in Spring Green.

There will also be additional routes on county highways in Fairfield, Honey Creek, Troy, Freedom, Ironton, Delton and Bear Creek.

The expansion of routes comes after ATV clubs throughout the county began requesting more use of highways for the recreational vehicles in 2018.

"There hasn't been one thing in the last eight years that I have received more phone calls about than four-wheeler trails," said Supervisor Brian Peper. "Thank you very much for everyone's support and enjoy our four-wheeler trails."

Last spring, the county's highway committee initially rejected the expansions, citing safety concerns and a legal loophole regarding drunken-driving offenses.

Click here to read the full article on Wiscnews.

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Lake Tomahawk residents to consider ATV/UTV use on town roads in new survey

Lake Tomahawk residents to consider ATV/UTV use on town roads in new survey 

LAKE TOMAHAWK - People in Lake Tomahawk could soon see ATVs and UTVs on town roads if a new survey convinces the town board.

Last week, the town board authorized that survey, asking residents their views regarding ATV/UTV use on all town roads.

Town Chairman George Demet said the Lake Towmhawk planning commission is still in the process of drafting the survey.

The discussion surrounding the issue began last December when the Lake Tomahawk ATV Club requested 2.6 miles of Lakewood Rd be opened to ATV/UTV traffic. The proposal would have connected existing trails for the Nokomis ATV Club and Lakeland ATV Club.

Demet said he does not support the measure citing four ATV/UTV deaths on town roads in Oneida County last year. After the survey is conducted, Demet said the town board does not have to adopt an ordinance in accordance with survey results.

In the county, more than 76 miles of town roads are open to ATVs and UTVs. 

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