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Legislative Accomplishments

 The Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association is has a long and proud track record of enacting legislation that moves our sport forward. Below are accomplishments of the association in the last 20 years. 

2007 Senate Bill 514
Act 209
Created a UTV (Light Utility Vehicle) pilot program that was conducted for several years.
2009 Senate Bill 448
Act 20
Extended UTV (Light Utility Vehicle) Pilot Program
2011Senate Bill 354
Act 208
Provided permanent registration and updated regulations for UTVs.

Introduced major changes, including defining a UTV, aligning UTVs with
ATV laws, requiring operators to be at least 16 years old and have ATV
Safety Certification, registration categories, new non-resident 5-day
ATV/UTV trail pass, late registration renewal fee, funding for ATV trails
allowing UTVs, rear license plate, registration free weekend, expiration
date of registrations, tampering of odometers.

2013Senate Bill 32
Companion: Assembly Bill 43
Act 15
Youth safety bill/grandparents bill relating to age restrictions, safety
certificates, and speed reductions regarding the operation of an ATV.
2013Senate Bill 29
Companion: Assembly Bill 44
Act 16
Created Governors ORV Council.
2017Senate Bill 392
Companion: Assembly Bill 485
Act 87
Allowed the operation of an ATV or UTV on the roadway or shoulder of a
highway for the purpose of crossing a bridge, even if the roadway is
officially closed to ATV or UTV traffic.
2017Assembly Bill 442
Companion: Senate Bill 437
Act 193
Provided guidelines for political subdivisions to designate ATV routes,
erect signs, and allowed the designation of all highways within territorial
boundaries as ATV routes.
2017State Budget Item 22Reinstated the Safety Enhancement Program – Trail Patrol Ambassador
2019Senate Bill 583
Companion: Assembly Bill 652
Act 183
- Eliminated the requirement for low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires on
ATVs and UTVs.
- Provided a measurement method for the width of an ATV or UTV
- Introduced various modifications and exemptions related to registration,
auxiliary lighting, diming high beams for oncoming vehicles, operation
during emergencies, acquisition of communications equipment,
compliance with stop signs or other regulatory signs, and safety
information sign funding for nonprofit organizations.
2021Senate Bill 269
Companion: Assembly Bill 265
Act 70
Increased weight definition for UTVs to 3,000 lbs.
2021Senate Bill 364
Companion: Assembly Bill 366
Act 103
Eliminated the 40' rule requiring the need for a light barrier during
nighttime travel.
2021Senate Bill 506
Companion: Assembly Bill 516
Act 164
Local authorities may designate highways as ATV routes, with the ability to
post specific speed limits for ATVs and UTVs.
2021Senate Bill 727
Companion: Assembly Bill 760
Act 176
Combined six DNR ATV and UTV appropriations into three, streamlining
2023Senate Bill 239
Companion: Assembly Bill 238
Act 67
Moved mapping app and communications for TPA program from ORV
council to DNR LE budget with a yearly appropriation.
2023State Budget: Departmentwide Item 8
State Budget: Law Enforcement Item 4

- Increased maximum summer trail maintenance funding for ATV trails
allowing UTVs from $200/mile to $400/mile.
- Increased funding for County ATV/UTV Law Enforcement grants to $1.3
- Increased by 3 the number of positions for the warden team in the State
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