WATVA Publications

​The Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association has published documents for previous events and meetings. WATVA is making these publications available for the public on this page.

History of ATVs in Wisconsin

​In this document we cover the history and development of not only the ATV, but the trails and economic impact that the recreation has provided to Wisconsin. This document also includes the evolution of UTV riding in the state.

WATVA Presents: History of ATVing

Learn how the history of the ATV program evolved in Wisconsin including the safety enhancement program that aimed at expanding trail access with local area clubs.

How to Start A Club

One of the core missions of the Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association is to help organize like-minded individuals into local grassroots clubs. When a club is formed, we offer as much support as needed. As local clubs can really pull together and increase trail / route access for everyone, it's critical that the core group of individuals has the resources necessary to succeed.  

How To Start A Club

Information from the Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association and NOHVCC on how to start a club.

2017 Trail Desirability Web Survey Results

​In 2017, WATVA conducted an online survey to gather better information as to what type of riding experience the users desired to encounter on our trail systems. The results are posted in this document.

2017 Trail Desirability Web Survey Results

WATVA’s survey was conducted online and shared by our social media platforms. However, as the role of the association is to represent its members, this question is often asked during our meetings and events. Every time we seek input, we receive wide range of answers supporting the data from the survey that our riders seek diversity. Not only diversity, they seek the ability to choose what type of experience to encounter while on the trail.

2017 Winter Riding Information 

​WATVA presented this document to an audience at the Team Winnebagoland dealership during the winter of 2017. Within this document, audience members were given information about winter riding and how to obtain if a trail system was open or closed. Wisconsin has more riding opportunity during the winter months, so long as the county / trail system is open (depending on certain criteria that each county sets).

2017 Winter Riding Information Booklet

The Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association's winter riding information booklet is geared to give a broad overview of hitting the Wisconsin winter trails.