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Price County Snowmobile Report for 2/7/2020

 ****There is a reroute on Trail 120 that will be in effect all season. The reroute is on the Northern section that eliminates the old 120 trail from FR 519 to the intersection of 120 and 121. Reroute takes you NW up FR519 to Sheep Ranch to FR522 then connects to 101. This eliminates a very bad part of the swamp.**** 

2/5/2020 Kennan/Catawba Driftsplitters. 

Trail 94 has been re-opened and is in very good shape except for the 2 miles of the trail where logging operation continues. All trails are being groomed twice a week and in very good condition. 

02/05/2020 Prentice Bushbenders Trail Report 

Our trails held up pretty well through the warm weather Sunday. They are icy now making them harder to groom. It will take a few passes and snowmobile traffic to make them great again. They are in overall good condition. Ride safe and have fun. 

2/4/2020 Eisenstein Bushwackers 

Groomed 80 south from Park falls to Fifield to 101 To 103 then to Sugar Bush firelane then back to 104, to Wintergreen Lake Area to 101 101 to Fifield. o 80 back to Park Falls groomed all 4 times and the swamp 6 times the moguls where really bad a ton of work excellent now enjoy from the Bush wackers 

2/3/2020 Eisenstein Bushwackers 

111 from Park Falls to 105 ,then 105 to 101,back 105 to 111 ,to 110 loop groomed Wojcieszak's area Then to 111 down to 103 then groomed Round Up Bar and grill area. back out 103 to 111 to Park Falls all double groomed , was frozen hard and groomed very hard all very good . 

2/5/2020 Fifield Sno Drovers 

The trails conditions in the Pike Lake area are from very good to excellent. The cold weather has firmed up the slush on the marked lake routes, but there is still slush if you leave the marked trails. The corridors such as 101/10 get very rough following heavy traffic and, while we have increased our grooming, we need new snow. There are no bare spots, but expect moguls between grooming runs. Trail 111/19 to the north is excellent as is trail 121, as these don't experience the heavy traffic. Trail 106/19 to Iron county is still not being groomed and isn't recommended as there is flowing water over the county line. 

2/5/2020 Northwoods 

Hi Riders Above freezing temperatures and a very busy snowmobile week end left the trails with some ruts and bumps. The groomer normally would have went around Solberg Lake on Sunday afternoon, but the temperatures were too high to do an effective grooming job, so we lost one afternoon and evening of grooming this week around Solberg. We are working to catch up and are back on our regular schedule. All in all, the trails are still Good, albeit a little choppy. I was out this morning on 112, 102 and part of 141 and still could move along pretty well. I expect after we catch up grooming they will be back in Very Good shape before the weekend. The logging operation just north of Solberg park on Trail 112 is completed. The trail/logging road has a few short bare spots but easily rideable. Some blacktop road crossings may be bare. Solberg Lake was slushy and watery on Sunday, but has froze up nicely. There are ruts in some spots, but if you take it easy, it's fine. Other than that we continue to be in Snowmobile Heaven. Ride Safe, Have Fun. 

1/29/2020 Elk River Pioneers 

Pioneer trails are now in excellent condition. They are groomed at least twice per week. Trail 82 into Sawyer County is now open and in very good condition. There might be wet areas on some trails. Do not try to go off of the main trail. The north entry and exit to Wilson Lake is closed until we get some colder weather. Use the trail 80 entry and exit on the south west end of Wilson Lake. There is a logging operation on trail 85. 

1/29/2020 Chaparrals 

All trails to the east and south of Phillips are in excellent condition. Be aware of wet areas in the system. Slow down and stay on the marked trail. Do not try to go off of the trails as the ground along the sides of most trails is not frozen. Reminder of the trail reroute on trail 161 along Musser Drive. All trails are groomed at least twice per week. 

1/29/2020 Lugerville Chaser 

Our trails are being groomed twice a week and are in good to excellent condition. A power company is still working on trail 90 there is Utility signs up so use caution

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