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[2017] Assembly Bill 442 - ATV Route Signage Requirement Change for Municipalities

An Act to renumber 23.33 (8) (e); to renumber and amend 23.33 (8) (b); and to create 23.33 (8) (b) 2., 23.33 (8) (e) 2., 23.33 (8) (e) 3. and 23.33 (8) (e) 4. of the statutes; Relating to: all-terrain vehicle route signage. (FE)

This bill makes changes to requirements for signs placed to mark all-terrain vehicle (ATV) routes.
Under current law, a town, village, city, or county (political subdivision) may designate highways or sidewalks as ATV routes. In addition, it may authorize the operation of utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) on ATV routes. Rules promulgated by the Department of Natural Resources require that all ATV routes be marked by signs at the beginning of the route and at intervals along the route as needed to enable ATV operators to follow the route.
The bill provides that, if a political subdivision designates specific highways within its territorial boundaries as ATV routes, the political subdivision is required to erect a sign at each point on a highway where the ATV route begins and at each point where the ATV route intersects a highway that is not part of the route. Alternatively, the bill authorizes a political subdivision to designate all highways within its territorial boundaries as ATV routes and to erect signs at the entrances to the political subdivision alerting motorists of this designation. The bill also provides that if a political subdivision erects these entrance signs, DNR may not require it to erect or maintain additional signs along the ATV routes.
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