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[2009] Assembly Bill 356 - Modifying the Definition of an ATV to 50 inches

This bill increases the maximum width of an ATV to 50 inches.

Current law defines an "all-terrain vehicle" (ATV) as an engine-driven device with a width of not more than 48 inches and a net weight of 900 pounds or less that is equipped with a seat designed to be straddled by the vehicle operator and that is designed to travel on at least three low-pressure tires. Under current law, a low-pressure tire is a tire that has a minimum width of six inches, that is designed to be mounted on a rim with a maximum diameter of 12 inches, and that is designed to be inflated with an operating pressure not to exceed six pounds per square inch.

This bill increases the maximum width of an ATV to 50 inches. The bill specifies that the width of an ATV must be 50 inches or less at the time of manufacture and that it be designed by the manufacturer to travel on three or more low-pressure tires in order to meet the definition. As to the requirements for a low-pressure tire, the bill eliminates the requirement for the size of the rim and increases the the maximum operating pressure for a low-pressure tire to ten pounds per square inch.

For further information see the state fiscal estimate, which will be printed as an appendix to this bill.

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