Polk County Master Plan Amendment Meeting

Hello WATVA members, friends and riders:

Earlier this week we posted a call to action for our riders / enthusiasts in Rusk County, taking place July 19th, which we posted on the 11th of July. For those folks in that general area, please plan to attend and show your support for our ATV & UTV community.

We now have another call to action, asking you to "show up, stand up and be counted" though this is in a different location. It's vitally important that we have a plentiful presence at both these meetings. Our ATV & UTV / snowmobile clubs in Polk County, likewise need additional enthusiasts to attend so we make our presence known.

The date and location for the other meeting is on Tuesday, July 18th in Balsam Lake at the Polk County Government Center - County Board Room. For some, we remember many years ago, the snowmobile and ATV community submitted a request to Polk County to extend the Amery to Dresser trail, now called the Stower Sever Lakes Trail. To accomplish this process, the trail required a master plan change because the proposal was to add additional uses. A group of anti-motorized ended up taking this change proposal to a judge, who at that time sided against the WI DNR's efforts to approve the master plan change.

Many years have since passed, things have now changed. The local community is now requesting a master plan change which again is the first step in the process. There was an initial Polk County committee meeting held on the morning of 7/12/17. Regional Coordinator Greg Olson reported we had a good quantity of motorized enthusiasts show up to support this request at this smaller committee meeting. There were a number of anti-motorized folks that voiced their opposition but our pro-motorized numbers carried the committee vote, thus sending the proposal to the full county board, taking place on July 18th.

This is where our friends in Polk County need your presence. They anticipate the anti-motorized group will be fully motivated and energized, out in full force and number to request the county board not approve the resolution to move forward with the process of the expanding the uses to include snowmobile and ATV/UTV use.

Along with our ATV - UTV clubs, our friends from the local snow clubs as well as our sister organization on the snow side of things, the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC), will likewise be in attendance on July 18th to show our numbers in support. Please attend the meeting which starts at 6:30 but our part will come later in the meeting. Sometimes the chair moves items around so don't count on knowing an exact time when the vote will be taken.

Feel free to wear you club colors, be courteous but clear that our form of motorized recreation is as important and equal to other forms of family outdoor recreation!


Notice of Meeting and Agenda
Polk County Board of Supervisors
100 Polk County Plaza, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
Polk County Government Center - County Board Room

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.
Regular Business Meeting

Open Session

Order of Business:

  1. ‚ÄčCall to Order
  2. Receipt of Evidence and Opinion on Proper Notice
  3. Roll Call
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Time of Reflection
  6. Approval of Agenda
  7. Matters Offered For Adoption on Consent Agenda:
    1. Consideration/corrections to the published minutes from June 20, 2017, County Board Meeting
    1. Resolution 47-17: Resolution to Grant a Zoning District Change & to Amend Zoning District Map for Town of Eureka
  8. Public Comments -3 minutes per person -not to exceed 30 minutes total
  9. County Board Chair Report
  10. Receipt of Reports from County Board Standing Committees
  11. Administrator's Report

    **Following the Administrator's Report, the County Board will convene as the Committee of the Whole on matters noticed herein. The Committee of the Whole may receive information, deliberate and provide the County Board with recommendation concerning such noticed Subject matters. The Committee of the Whole may not take final action on such matter. Once the Committee of the Whole adjourns and the County board reconvenes to conduct legislative activity, the County Board may take action on such matters noticed herein and recommended by the Committee of the Whole, only upon two-thirds majority vote of members present to take up and act upon such matters.
  12. Committee of the Whole:
    1. a. Discussion and Recommendation Concerning Uses on Stower Seven Lakes Trail, including recommendation on Resolution No. 43-17:
    2. b. Resolution Authorizing the Development of a Multi-Use, Multi-Season Trail Management Plan for Stower Seven Lakes Trail.

Price County ATV/UTV Trail Report
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