The Wisconsin ATV Association offers this publication to our members and to non-members (from give-aways to dealer showrooms) as a means of communicating our mission and positive support for the industry. The magazine has various free-lance writers as well as writers from official government offices. This is our communication tool that we use to help strengthen our riders (and non riders) to help them become aware of the importance of safe and responsible riding. “Trail Tales” offers the following features:

  • Current news updates based on four state regions, as well as state-wide and national news regarding OHV topics.
  • Special articles written by dedicated users explaining their various ATV adventures around our state and on our trails.
  • Presidents report, written by President Randy Harden,  has a presidents report in each issue letting our members know where the organization is heading and how we are making a positive impact for our sport.
  • Listings and maps of our Associate, Dealer and Club members.
  • Listings of public ATV trails.
  • Club listings and their events and trail updates.
  • Special event advertisements and notices.